Offering Startup Digital Marketing Services

To all Enterpreneurs Who need The Extra Push Within The Budgets!!

Increasing Traffic

Bring more people on the platform with me at your side. Everything is connected. Once I build a strategy for online marketing and social media marketing I make sure it follows through.

Generating Leads

Getting more leads via different online channels is what I specialize in. I follow a proper strategy to make sure you get business.

Business growth

I help in growing your business online using digital marketing as a tool. The ultimate goal of mine when you hire me is to figure out ways in which you can dominate the market you are in.
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Helping Startups Grow Online!

I help startups establish their foothold online.


Growth Hack Expert provides excellent startup marketing services for any entrepreneur in need of marketing support. Understanding how difficult it is to market a fresh business idea, an entrepreneur will find a marketing partner that his business deserves. My expertise in different digital marketing services like SEO, Social media marketing, PR, Branding, Content marketing for startups has already helped several startups push their online presence and grow their business globally. 

Anil Sharma
Anil Sharma
Vaishali was great to work with, Recommended!!
Lauren Pacifico
Lauren Pacifico
I'm a huge fan of your digital marketing services and have always had a nice experience. I feel like I get a lot of value for the price and I receive quick communication if I ever have any questions. I highly recommend Growth Hack Expert to any business in need of amazing digital marketing services. Vaishali is so friendly and an expert in her field!!
Khalid Gaur
Khalid Gaur
Working with Vaishali for last two year. she is very responsive and deliver the things on time.
shiv mittu
shiv mittu
A very committed digital marketer who has helped me grow online. With her you will get 100% guaranteed results.
mainak biswas
mainak biswas
Vaishali is a committed and creative person. I have tried many of her services, and all of them were proper value for money. Highly recommended!
Melissa Caluya
Melissa Caluya
Always on-time, very professional and takes the time to break down complex concepts into under stable terms for me. I highly recommend if you want to see improvement in your business.

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Offering SEO Services In Your Budget


Looking for someone who can act as an extension of your marketing team and provide the best SEO services for startups within your budget? Growth Hack Expert is someone who will create a tailored SEO plan, keeping it simple and yet effective. There is a huge difference between enterprise SEO and startup SEO. In startup SEO we need to take baby steps and formulate a plan that will make sustainable growth of your business possible. 


Thanks to the SEO expertise of Growth Hack Expert, now you can compete with established businesses in your industry and rank for all the target keywords one by one without putting too much money in it at once. Here, with her, you will get the flexibility of choosing your budget, depending on which she will create a perfect plan for your startup.

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I extract & create website audit report for the current status of your website. This will reflect all the errors and let us create a customized plan for you.

Step 2 - On-Page SEO

Moving forward, I will rectify all the errors detected during website audit. Right from creating on-page content.

Step 3 - Off-Page SEO

Creating backlinks to increase the authenticity of your website is what I handle in off-page SEO.

Step 4 - Reporting

I crete monthly report to track all the changes and results transparently.


Leveraging The Power Of Content To Market Your Business Online.

Content marketing is a great thing for a startup. This is a way using which you can easily spread your business story on different platforms that are well established. Growth Hack Expert offers the best content marketing for startups in which she not just copyrights for your business but also work upon guest posting campaigns for you. Since she is a regular contributor to some popular websites and blogs, you can get content marketing at a competitive price.

Best SEO Freelancer

Getting the Maximum Out of Any New Business

Growing your business online is an art that I have expertise in. With my experience, I can help you accelerate your business growth online. So, if you are looking for –
SEO Expert for Hire

Providing high-end SEO services to businesses from the year 2016

Freelance Content Strategist

Creating result-oriented content strategy & writing content for businesses from the year 2012

Freelance social media manager

Managing social media for clients since 2019

Looking For Someone Who Can Create Marketing Plans For A Startup You Are Planning?

Don’t have much of a budget to spend on digital marketing?

Growth Hack Expert Got you covered! Your Budget – My Plan!

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